Wholesome Game ‘Tiny Witch’ Has You Managing a Store For Dungeon Masters

Make some minions!

Ever wondered how video game dungeons outfit themselves with all manner of creepy crawlies and other assortments of minions to impede the hero’s progress? They’re all made in a shop apparently, at least according to the upcoming game Tiny Witch.

This wholesome game is being developed by Creative Hand, a Brazilian studio focused on producing premium pixel art-style games. The team consists of only three people, who use Game Maker Studio 2 as the preferred engine to create their games.

In Tiny Witch, as the name implies, have players assuming the role of a little enchanter who has been cursed to be stuck within a shop lot that they bought for 20 days straight.

Now in charge of a magical shop, players need to mix the right combination of resources to build their customers' minions for various dungeon masters.

To do so, players will need to activate spells, unlock new features and recipes, and deliver minion orders in time to avoid being attacked by customers.

Along with a whole line of cauldrons and pestles and mortars, players will need to use their alchemy table to manufacture the right minions by mixing up magical ingredients.

As they progress further, players will buy new ingredients and potions to improve their store’s offerings and please their evil customers.

Players must deliver the requested minions to the customers or suffer from the consequences of the wrath of the dungeon masters.

Like a mix of Diner Dash, Dungeon Keeper, and Moonlighter, what truly makes Tiny Witch special is how it recontextualises a lot of traditional fantasy elements that gamers are used to in other video games.

If this sounds like the game for you, Tiny Witch has a demo on Steam and can be wishlisted if you want to keep an eye on its upcoming release in 2022.
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