Streamer Beats Elden Ring In 3 Hours And Avoids Any Damage

It's a world's first, says Seki.

Streamer Beats Elden Ring In 3 Hours And Avoids Any Damage

While it would be a monumental task for many of us to beat Elden Ring in a single day, one inhuman player with impeccable skills managed to do it — live on stream — in just under three hours.

The feat was accomplished by Twitch streamer Seki, and what made his run even more impressive was the fact that apart from not getting hit by enemies, he also avoided any environmental damage.

While there are documented reports of Elden Ring speedrunners completing the game in under 20 minutes, Seki claims his No-Hit/No Damage challenge is a "world's first".

According to Kotaku, another streamer called GinoMachino also completed Elden Ring without taking any hits, but his run was different from what Seki accomplished.

“No-Hit/No Damage is harder than a regular no-hit run as the player cannot take [any] environmental damage such as fall damage/poison etc,” Seki told Kotaku. “This adds difficulty to the run as I don’t have access to buffs such as Red-Feathered Branchsword which could potentially increase my damage output if I had low health.”

Seki said he spent over 130 hours planning, practising and preparing for this no-hit/no-damage run, adding that he preferred using a basic kit featuring the Moonveil katana when attempting to achieve his goal.

His next objective, Seki said, was to pull off an “All Remembrances No-Hit” run, which he described as a “true test of skill”.

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