Singaporean Game ‘Ghostlore’ Due For April 14 Release After Player Feedback

Coming back from a fruitful Steam Next Fest!

We’ve previously spoken about Ghostlore, the Singaporean game that takes the Diablo-style action RPG game style and gives it a Southeast Asian twist. This means that players will explore a Southeast Asian-inspired world and fight mythical creatures of the region.

Last month’s Steam Next Fest has been a great time for indie developers to showcase their games with demos. Ghostlore was one of the most promising demos to be featured during the recent Steam Next Fest.

Players of this demo got a taste of the general gameplay of Ghostlore, especially with how the game lets players customise their character’s skills and abilities.

One great thing about Ghostlore is how open-ended the game is. No matter which of the six starting classes you choose, the customisation options let players tweak their weapons and abilities to suit their playstyle.

While many loved the game’s vibrant world and player-empowered gameplay, Ghostlore’s developers gathered more than enough feedback for players to tweak the experience for the better in its next iteration.

In a Steam developer post, the team outlined a number of things that they will be fixing according to the feedback they received from players. These include tweaking the game’s controls and tutorial.

There’s also the matter of the Ghostlore’s procedural map generation not working as smoothly as intended, as well as the NPCs blending into the background of the game. Ghostlore’s developers have shown mock-ups of what these fixes will look like.

Due to Singapore’s national service requirements, one of Ghostlore’s programmers will have to serve in the army for two weeks in March. Because of this, the team has decided to push the Early Access release of Ghostlore from the end of March to April 14.

The team have outlined their plans after the Early Access launch on their Patreon, and aim to release the full game in August. Check out Ghostlore on their Steam page and download the Steam Next Fest demo, which willbe available for the next two weeks.
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