Santa Monica Studios Confident In 2022 Release For God Of War: Ragnarok

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Santa Monica Studios Confident In 2022 Release For God Of War: Ragnarok

Santa Monica Studio’s social and community manager, who goes by the username BlueOwlzMedic on Twitter, has expressed confidence that the studios’ next game, God of War: Ragnarok will be released this year as planned.

BlueOwlzMedic stated this on her Twitter account last Friday (March 25, 2022).

It is unclear what prompted BlueOwlzMedic to tweet this out. It may be a way for the studio to reassure fans that the game’s development is going smoothly and is still on track to be released this year.

The highly anticipated sequel to God Of War (2018) was initially scheduled to be released in 2021, but several development issues forced the studio to push the release date to 2022.


Apart from having to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, the studio also paused the game’s development to allow Kratos’s voice actor, Christopher Judge, to recover from health-related issues.

It looks like things are now getting back on track and both Santa Monica Studios and Sony are now feeling confident to release the game this year. However, they have yet to announce a specific date, possibly to avoid more disappointment as fans were quite upset at the previous delay announcement.

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