Pixel Platformer ‘Sanabi’ is Like a Side-Scrolling Version of Ghostrunner

Or Celeste but with combat!

If you’ve loved the tough-as-nails platforming of Celeste and the cyberpunk world of Ghostrunner, you will love the upcoming platformer Sanabi by Wonder Potion and Neowiz.

Available now until Sanabi’s early access launch later this year, players can play the first few stages of the game and get a taste of what awaits them in the upcoming full release of Sanabi.

In Sanabi, players assume the role of a legendary retired military veteran. Using his signature prosthetic arm, players will have to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, zip through bullets and traps, and defeat powerful enemies.

Storywise, the player is called upon for one last operation: to ascend a mega-city ruled by a corrupt conglomerate. Their mission is to hunt down a mysterious entity known as “Sanabi” and uncover corporate secrets hidden deep within the city.

The game features brutal and acrobatic platforming: the player’s giant chain-hook prosthetic arm allows them to quickly manoeuvre around and swiftly take out their opponents.

Sanabi is set in a beautiful yet mysterious cyberpunk dystopian city called “MAGO” that is ruled by a corrupt conglomerate. After a sudden blackout, all of its citizens mysteriously disappeared and the city was left in total chaos.

In their adventure, players are aided by Mari, a brilliant hacker and drone rider players will meet during their mission. Mari can open locked doors, reveal enemy weaknesses and uncover encrypted information.

A newly released trailer highlights Sanabi's story and impressive background, which were first revealed in the second closed beta. The new setting featured - Mago City's business district - is from Chapter 2 of the full game.

The trailer also shows the newly added rope ability that allows for quick movement across the map while eliminating enemies, as well as the new Monster Warrior. All these will lead up to the impending Early Access launch of the title later this year.

Check out more of Sanabi and its prologue demo on Steam.

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