New Leaked Valorant Mobile Images A Tantalising Teaser For Fans

The images came from the game's test in China.

New Leaked Valorant Mobile Images A Tantalising Teaser For Fans

New leaked images of Valorant Mobile have surfaced on social media, giving fans a glimpse into what the popular tactical first-person shooter could look like in the palm of your hands.

According to Gamepur, the leaked images came from the players in China, where the game's first playtest is currently being conducted. Gaming leaker Danny INTEL posted on social media several images, including the game’s loading screen, in-game interface, home screen, and character selection.

While the images are similar to the look and feel of Valorant Mobile's PC counterpart, several significant changes have been made for the mobile platform.

The game's UI allows players to use an agent's various abilities by tapping on different parts of the phone screen, and all of Jett's abilities appear to be usable in Valorant Mobile. Meanwhile, agents like Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Skye, Sova, and Killjoy appear to be available in the playtest version.

It was reported last year that Riot Games was developing a mobile version of Valorant to penetrate the mobile gaming market. No release date has been revealed yet, but it is apparent the game's launch is on the horizon.

Riot Games have yet to release official screenshots or videos of Valorant Mobile, so it is important to take these leaked images with a pinch of salt and expect more changes to be made before the game is officially released.

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