Minecraft Could Be Getting Ray Tracing On Xbox Soon

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Minecraft Could Be Getting Ray Tracing On Xbox Soon

Microsoft is currently testing the inclusion of ray tracing in Minecraft on both the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

A new Minecraft Preview build, which includes early raytracing support, is now available exclusively for select Xbox Insider members to try out. The latest build is also described as being optimized for the two Xbox consoles.

According to Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, this latest feature is not simple to turn on, however. In order for you to have the option in the settings menu to turn on raytracing, you would first have to host a Minecraft session on the Windows PC with the resource packs required. An Xbox player can then join that session and ray tracing will finally be enabled.

It seems like quite the hassle for now, but let's hope that it will be more convenient once the feature is made available for all players on Xbox.

Xbox gamers have been eagerly anticipating for Minecraft to have raytracing support on their system since Microsoft teased the feature in a blog post on their official website back in March, 2020. The blog post included a comparison image of Minecraft on the Xbox Series X with ray tracing disabled and enabled.


However, the post did not reveal when the feature would drop. Nevertheless, it finally looks like players on Xbox won’t have to wait much longer now if the aforementioned tests run smoothly.

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