Metroidvania Itorah Launches on March 21 with Special Charity Pack to Support Indigenous People

Saving the world in more ways than one!

We’ve spoken highly of Itorah, the metroidvania with a stunning art style and breathtaking environments. And if you are similarly enthralled by the game’s breathtaking visuals, luckily we don’t have to wait long for its release.

The game is set in the mysterious world of Nahucan, which is filled with strange, masked beings and a terrible plague that has befallen the land and its inhabitants. Despite its deceptively breathtaking visuals, the story Itorah tells is a tragic, bittersweet saga of sacrifice and loss.

Players assume the role of the heroine Itorah, who is armed with a smart-mouthed sentient weapon, an axe named Koda. The player will journey through the cursed land while unravelling its mysteries, told through enchanting gameplay and meticulously illustrated cutscenes.

From there, players will explore a beautifully realised world inspired by South and Central American landscapes, each lovingly hand-painted by the development team over at Grimbart Tales to breathe life into the world of Nahucan.

When players aren’t hacking and slashing their way across the landscape, players will need to keep their jumping and dodging skills sharp as they conquer progressively more difficult puzzles and platforming challenges.

With an axe in hand, battle and subdue Nahucan's voracious fauna through exciting and challenging boss fights. Players will also meet a variety of odd, quirky characters who may or may not help Itorah on her quest.

Grimbart Tales’ first Developer’s Blog on Steam is a must-read for fans of this upcoming game, as it truly gives an insight into the world and characters of Itorah. It’s a great sneak peek into what players can expect from the full game.

Itorah launches on PC via Steam and GOG on March 21, 2022. In keeping with publisher Assemble Entertainment’s charitable endeavours, there’s also a “Save the World '' edition that contains the official Itorah soundtrack and artbook.

Ten per cent of the proceeds will be donated to Survival International, a charity supporting indigenous people worldwide.

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