Latest Epic Games Store Update Lets Others See Your Achievements

Finally time to show off!

A new update has arrived yesterday (April 4) for the Epic Games Store that allows users to display the achievements they’ve obtained through the games they’ve played.

In an update post on their official website, Epic Games said: “Building on the ‘My Achievements’ release in November, we have now released its next iteration. Everyone with an Epic Games account now has access to the new My Achievements area, which lets you display a few key highlights from your stats.”

This new feature serves as a “trophy case” for all your accomplishments in the games you’ve played on the Epic Games Launcher such as Fortnite and Rocket League.

Quality and Performance modes are being added to the game.

Users can see their friends’ achievements by clicking on their profile in the friends tab and then click on the blue achievements button. This will take them to their friends’ profile page, where they can see info such as the total XP their friends have earned and the number of achievements they have acquired.


If you do not want to share this information with others, you can simply go to your profile page and change the privacy settings so that only you are able to view it.

In addition to sharing achievements, Epic Games Store also plan to release other features in the near future, such as a ratings and polls feature where users can answer some questions regarding the game they recently played, as well as a notification center, where all the notifications you receive on the Epic Games Launcher will be gathered in one section.

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