Indonesian Game ‘Petit Island’ Partners Up With Publisher Soedesco For Upcoming Release

Think Animal Crossing meets Pokemon Snap!

It’s always great when an international publisher takes a chance on games from Southeast Asia, giving them the opportunity to shine around the world. Petit Island is the latest game to sign a publishing deal with Soedesco.

This wholesome open-world photo exploration game by Indonesian studio Xelo Games will join Soedesco’s eclectic mix of great indie experiences like ‘Kaze and the Wild Masks’ and ‘Saint Kotar’.

Taking cues from the likes of Animal Crossing, Pokemon Snap and Stardew Valley, Petit Island is very much an inversion of Xelo Games’ previous release, the hellish first-person platformer Escape from Naraka.

Petit Island tells the story of Lily, a young adventurer looking to live up to the legacy of her grandfather who leaves behind his life of exploring and tells his entire life story to Lily.

The grandfather’s memories begin to fade, and the player sets Lily off on a quest to relive the memories that he left in his journal. It is up to the player to help their grandfather remember his past, and discover the newfound adventuring spirit in yourself.

As players go on their adventure, they will discover hidden treasures and wild animals on the island. The villages and cities have so much to offer, too, so soak up all the knowledge while you can.

Players must help their grandfather reminisce his adventuresome days by capturing nostalgic spots on the island with Lily’s camera. Take a lot of photos with locals, tourists, animals, and everything else they can on the island.

Beyond that, on this adventure, players will get to know the island's quirky and interesting characters as they go along in this journey. Befriend the community to gain their trust, and they might just help out Lily in her quest.

Of course, players can also customise their appearance to their heart's desire with plenty of options. Players can choose from a number of different body types, clothing options, and backpacks to customise their kitty avatar.

Founded by a small group of talented and passionate professionals, Xelo Games values close-knit relationships between developers and gamers and believes that success is ultimately built on a strong bond between the developers and the community.

While Petit Island is still in its early stages of development, Soedesco and Xelo Games promise to provide a glimpse into the game's progress on their social media channels. Players can wishlist Petit Island now on Steam.

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