How to Help the Covid-19 Crisis in Indonesia

Covid-19 cases in Indonesia are soaring, here's how to help.

Indonesia has reported over 54,000 cases of Covid-19 in a single day, the highest daily total so far in the country, according to CNN. That number is expected to rise, as a recent health survey shows nearly 50% of the 10.6 million residents in the nations’ capital of Jakarta, may have been infected with Covid-19. 

Below we’ve assembled some ways you can help those affected by the pandemic in Indonesia via your donations and support of the following organizations.


Give2Asia is working with nonprofits on the ground in Indonesia to help with both immediate and long-term assistance for those affected by the pandemic. Their support includes providing hospital supplies and equipment, support for health workers, giving food to families in need, and educating the public on health awareness and prevention. 

Project HOPE

Project HOPE is a nonprofit sending support to countries in South Asia, including Indonesia, India, and Nepal. They are dispersing medical equipment and supplies, training those on the front lines, and helping teach communities how to stay safe and stop the spread of Covid-19. 

Save the Children

Save the Children has been helping dozens of countries severely affected by the pandemic in South Asia, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and most recently, Indonesia. They are providing kits for frontline workers, food and nutrition to families in need, and remote-learning supplies for teachers. 

Although slowing down, India is also struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, with over 45,000 new cases per day – please consider these charities to donate to in support of those affected in India.

Scientists have confirmed the spread of Covid-19 occurs largely through airborne droplets, even when people don't have any symptoms. Variants of the virus have been circulating as well and can spread Covid-19 more easily, according to the CDC. The best way to combat the virus and end this pandemic is to get vaccinatedread our resource guide on how you can get vaccinated in the U.S. and ways to stay safe from the virus.

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