A Game Developer Is Encouraging Russian Players To Pirate Their Game

Well, that’s one way to let people enjoy your game.

Russia-based game studio Four Quarters is encouraging Russians to pirate their latest game, Loop Hero.

This comes in the wake of the major economic sanctions that have been imposed on Russia due to the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Due to these sanctions, Russian customers are now unable to purchase games on major online video game stores such as Steam and Epic Games Store.

Following this, Four Quarters (who do not support the war) have given their blessing to pirate Loop Hero if fans are unable to purchase the game through legal methods.

They have even provided a torrent link to download the game on their official VK account, a Russian social network service.

Four Quarters said that work on the game is still continuing despite current events, adding that they are currently working towards releasing a new free update for the game soon.

The studio has also expressed gratitude for the well-wishes they have received from fans during these turbulent times.

Loop Hero is an indie-RPG strategy game developed by Four Quarters and was released on March 5, 2021. It was highly praised by both critics and fans.

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